Is dangerous rock really dead?

We love rock music. But not watered-down, over-produced radio “rock” songs that are safe, parent-acceptable and couldn’t shock a nun from 50 years ago. We mean the good stuff. The authentic, raw and bad-ass stuff that used to make parents everywhere scream for their child to “TURN THAT SHIT DOWN!” The passion we feel about great rock music led us to a very creative place.

One discouraging day, our Creative Director Michael Tension (an accomplished musician hailing from the 1990s days of real rock n’ roll) bleakly announced,

“Rock is dead.”

“Rock’n’roll is shit at the moment”
–Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist

“If you want to call it art, then do, but I’d put an ‘f’ in front of that”
–Johnny Rotten

“Mumford & Sons are an offense to rock n’ roll”
–Alice Cooper

Rock and Roll Dead - Headstone

This statement became the root of inspiration, stemming from two main problems:

  1. Rock is dead – but can it be revived?
  2. Music discovery in the physical world is dying – Digital download cards don’t work. People are returning to records but not breaking any in sales. Something needs to change to get back to a 360 experience with music.

Using their creativity and also studying music audiences, Michael and Nicole (our Transmedia Director) realized that the only way to bring rock back was through the current trendsetters of our time – commonly referred to as “hipsters”.

Hippster Bait

Figure A. Hipsters

And from these discoveries, the solution became obvious. Enter Hipsterbait: a new rock and roll music game that would put the “discovery” back into discovering new music – while spreading rock-and roll like a zombie outbreak via hipsters in gentrified communities using cassette tapes as bait in an online-offline, geocaching-esque game.

Hipsterbait Logo

The pair brought the idea to One Net Studios, who helped to build and test a beta platform in Sept 2013. With encouraging results, the team pitched the idea at the 2013 Merging Media Conference’s Pitch 360 contest in November 2013. Hipster Bait won the $10,000 prize, and caught the attention of Steve Peters (No Minds Media), an accomplished Hollywood game designer who helped One Net refine the game mechanics behind the platform. Now with additional funding from FACTOR Canada, our game is almost ready to take North America by storm.

Watch The Trailer

Hipster Bait is a promotional tool and a new means for Canadian rock bands and independent record labels to distribute music outside the traditional online channels. Hipster Bait uses physical cassette recordings, an HTML5 web application, interactive maps, geocaching and QR code technology, which converge to create a modern musical treasure hunt.

At launch, Hipster Bait’s team of designated “cassette hiders” will hide cassette tapes featuring original artwork and never-released music by ten independent artists in the hippest nooks and crannies of urban centres across North America.

Then, it’s game on! Stay tuned for the Hipster Bait Launch.

Platforms Used

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Cassette
  • Music


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