The documentary film Occupy Love traces the origins of the Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, and European debt protests. Since the film was initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, we knew that we needed to invite the audience to be involved in creation and promotion. We felt that if a crowd of strangers came together to fund the film, they deserved to be part of the story.

A brief digression about crowdfunding: we believe crowdfunding should never be used for the sole purpose of ‘financing’ something. Crowdfunding should be about creating a real relationship with fans and activating an audience to help you spread a message. And our fans did just that! Our campaign drove over 700 community screenings, a sold-out North American Theatrical tour and app downloads around the world.

We began by searching for how to give viewers a way to express the film’s central message of universal love and connection. We then built this theme out into an iOS app, real-time LOVE STREAM, and multi-city, crowd-powered launch.

Found Love App

Found Love App

The app is used to take photos of heart-shaped images a user finds in their city. They then add a message, and then tag an expression of love to the photo. Heart images can be found anywhere—shapes in clouds, graffiti hearts, or inspiring messages left in public places.


Once a heart image is uploaded, it is sent to the app’s cloud-based server that streams the image to other users around the city. Found Love then shares photos on a “Love Stream,” a real-time and fluctuating digital wall of hearts that is viewable through the mobile app and at the website.

Found Love - Time Square

Walk past Times Square and you can see photos and tags left by other Found Love users. Or tag a heart image in your neighborhood—and then look to see if others have found heart images nearby.

Over 10,000 photos from people around the world were uploaded to the website. This enabled fans of the film to express a central motif in the documentary, while broadening the film’s reach to global audiences.

What We Did

Platforms Used

  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Print
  • Community Screenings

Outcomes of The Film and Outreach

The film

  • 700+ Community Screenings around the world
  • The largest community screening was 1500 people
  • 56,000 followers on Facebook
  • 7,000 followers on Twitter
  • A cross-country sold-out (crowd-powered) Tour

The App

  • Over 500 downloads of the App in the first week
  • Over 10,000 heart images uploaded to date to Found Love
  • Downloads across every continent on the globe
  • 2013 Transmedia award at the San Francisco TransBay Festival

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