Welcome to the world of Amplify HER… A cross-platform journey where female musicians and creators explore their roles in Western culture and the new feminine archetype. Read on to see how one film can trigger a limitless universe.

The Film

Amplify HER is a visually dynamic, character-driven feature documentary offering intimate access into the lives of numerous emerging female musicians. The film is directed by renowned indie filmmaker Ian Mackenzie and is premiering on the international festival circuit in early 2016.

Since our Transmedia Director Nicole is producing the film, One Net Studios was the obvious fit for the cross platform outreach. This unique situation allowed us full creative control over the direction of the transmedia components; to say we ‘ran with the idea’ would be an understatement.

The Storyworld

We wanted to think of a way to expand on some of the stories being told in the film, while broadening the context beyond the electronic music world. The personal narratives of the characters in Amplify HER are rich and varied, but you can’t cover 6 lifetimes in 76 minutes. What if there was a way to take these characters out of the movie and transport them into another world for further adventure?


Amplify HER is a six-chapter comic series that tells the unique stories of electronic artists Lux Moderna, Applecat, Kytami, Blondtron, CloZee and A Hundred Drums through fantasy, in a graphic novel aesthetic. Each story is written and illustrated by female artists and edited by Annie Nocenti (writer, Marvel & DC comics). Amplify HER will be available for purchase in limited-edition print as well as online through an app.

L-R: Kytami Blondtron 100 Drums, Applecat (top), Clozee, Lux Moderna

L-R: Kytami, Blondtron, A Hundred Drums, Applecat (top), CloZee, Lux Moderna

Each of the six chapters in the graphic novel tells the story of one musician. For our motion comic series, six female animators bring each chapter to life in the form of a 2-5 minute short. The electronic artist each story is centered around is producing the original score for each motion comic.

To create a transmedia experience that resonated, we wanted to first bring everyone together. We invited our entire team of creators – 25 women from across North America and beyond – to gather for a 4-day immersive workshop on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. We filmed the workshop and are releasing a 15-minute short film about the process in Fall 2016.

The interactive website, which houses all creative content relating to the Amplify HER storyworld in a horizontal navigation experience, was launched early summer 2016.

Samoan Circle group conversation on Galiano Island
Busting up tropes at Galiano Island workshop
Group collaboration with the women on the project
Unique, horizontal-scroll web experience to introduce the comic series
Excerpt from Kytami comic
Preview from A Hundred Drums comic
A peek at the Clozee comic
Designs for artist profile page
Illustration from Blondtron comic

Platforms Used

  • Web
  • Film
  • Mobile
  • Illustration
  • Integrated media tour with live performance
  • Workshop
  • Soundtrack
  • Clothing