We start with
your story.

Then we make it ripple.

In order to create change, your project, idea or film must first have reach. Reach comes from telling your story in various ways in as many places as possible, giving your audience unique bite size pieces of the story. Creating compelling stories across platforms is only half of the picture - there’s also the outreach component. Outreach includes things like content strategy, starting conversations, audience engagement, and building community. Here at One Net Studios we ideate, we build transmedia pieces, and we also do outreach.

Selected Work

The Genius of Caring launched

The Genius of Caring is a web based, interactive story-sharing project that features documentary portraits of those whose lives have been touched by Alzheimer’s and other caregiving intensive diseases.

Found Love launched

The documentary film Occupy Love traces the origins of the Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, and European debt protests. Since the film was initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, we knew that we needed to...

Amplify Her in_production

A place where female musicians and creators explore their roles in Western culture and the new feminine archetype. It began with a question: what unique gifts can female creators offer our world?

North Through South launched

With the documentary KONELĪNE:our land beautiful, iconic Canadian filmmaker Nettie Wild is creating a voice for people who work, live and move across the land in northwestern BC at a time of significant environmental and economic change.

Hipster Bait in_production

Introducing Hipster Bait. An interactive, geocaching, music-sharing game. Hidden in ten cities throughout North America are 990 unique cassette tapes. Each cassette has it's own hipster enticing artwork and two never before released songs.