The Impact of Caring: Looking beyond clicks to measure emotional resonance.

In the spring of 2016 we had the privilege of producing an impact study and annual report – together, an Impact Report – for our friends at The Genius of Caring.

What exactly is an ‘Impact Report’? Well, it’s similar to an annual report for a business, except it’s usually for a project, film or non-profit organization that’s looking to measuring reach vs revenue.

Why do Impact Reports matter?

Impact Reports are valuable for a number of reasons. They provide funding bodies and key stakeholders with evidence that their contributions have been successful. It’s also encouraging for the team behind the project to see the tangible outcomes of their hard work.

In the case of films, data on reach is extremely valuable to the filmmaker or production team – even low-grossing films can have a very broad reach; impact data on previous projects contributes to a studio’s proof of work when it comes time to fundraise for new projects.

To measure impact for The Genius of Caring’s media family (film, documentary short, interactive website, outreach campaign), we worked closely with their internal team to research, collate and distill the most salient data points we could uncover in order to obtain an accurate picture of the project’s span.

Looking beyond clicks, plays and ‘likes’

But there’s more to a good impact report than simply understanding physical reach. The Genius of Caring was created to provide support to Alzheimer’s caregivers. It’s easy enough to dig into analytics to uncover basic demographic information about site traffic; and metrics like ‘time spent on site’ can offer clues about relevance of content. But that still doesn’t prove if the content was helpful, or offer any insight as to how the stories made people feel.

One of the ways we evaluated these ‘emotional metrics’ was to conduct surveys targeted to email subscribers and people who had ‘liked’ the Facebook page. From the responses we were able to identify which types of users found what types of content the most helpful, and why.

Read it for yourself!

View the Genius of Caring Impact Report here.