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One Net Studios at UX Week 2016: Human XD + the feminine

“In 2013 I was asked to produce and direct the transmedia for a feature film that followed the lives of a few female rising stars the electronic music scene.  And if I am going to be brutally honest…I had a knee jerk “Nope” reaction.” – from Human XD: A New Model for Resonant Storyworlds at UXWeek 2016 […]

Deanna Ladret

The Impact of Caring: Looking beyond clicks to measure emotional resonance.

In the spring of 2016 we had the privilege of producing an impact study and annual report – together, an Impact Report – for our friends at The Genius of Caring. What exactly is an ‘Impact Report’? Well, it’s similar to an annual report for a business, except it’s usually for a project, film or non-profit […]

Deanna Ladret

Released: Amplify HER trailer!!

Yesterday, Ten One Films released the official trailer for Amplify HER – the film that inspired our Amplify HER storyworld. Watch the trailer, get excited and share, share, share!  

Deanna Ladret

Preview: Nicole’s TEDx 2015 Talk

Victoria’s fifth annual TEDx conference is happening this November 21st with events at three venues around town – and this year, the theme is (drumroll…) IMPACT. Isn’t that fitting? We’re all quite excited, not just because impact is something we’re very enthusiastic about here at One Net Studios, but also because our co-founder/Transmedia Director Nicole Sorochan […]

Deanna Ladret

How Monkey C uses old objects to ignite new interaction

At One Net Studios, we’re always thinking about how to spread ideas in new and different ways. We seek to challenge conventions, believing that ‘trajectory’ does not always mean upward, it sometimes means outward. Does that sound both abstract and impossibly nerdy? Well, maybe you just need to meet two guys who make interactive sound-responsive […]

Deanna Ladret

25 female artists, 1 film crew, 3 days, 6 stories.

Assembling a group of 25 women from across North America and beyond for a 3-day workshop – sight unseen – is tricky, to put it mildly. But when it came to creating a resonant storyworld for Amplify HER, we knew that the alchemy of a pristine setting combined with face-to-face interaction was integral to the […]

Deanna Ladret