Transmedia is nothing without an audience, and a message is only as good as the people who hear it. When you hire our team, you have access to everything in our toolkit – from ideation and strategy to design and development, video production, analytics, marketing, and a whole lot more.

Meet our team of empathy-driven creatives.

We’re much more interested in making waves than making one-offs. When a cause matters to you, it matters to us too. Though each of us brings our own tools to the drawing board, what we have in common is our desire to create measurable impact. Do you have a story that’s important to you? We’re all ears.



Marketing Director

Dylan is the co-founder of One Net Marketing. In 2007, he left his post as Account Director at ValueClick Inc, one of the world's largest integrated online marketing companies, to create One Net Marketing with Nicole. Dylan has driven results for clients such as RealNetworks, CBS, Expedia, Verizon and Adobe/Macromedia. He is an expert in digital strategy, SaaS product development, and cross-channel media buying. On the weekends Dylan is known to explore the steepest snow peaks in North America on his snowboard.



Transmedia Director

Nicole is a cross-platform Impact Producer with film expertise, technical web prowess and 10 years of marketing experience. She has worked on many digital companion projects for top North American filmmakers. Nicole is also the co-creator of "Hipster Bait", a music discovery game that won the 2013 International Merging Media “Best Cross Platform Pitch” award. Nicole co-owns One Net Studios, an award winning creative and marketing agency based in Victoria, BC where she is the Creative Director.



Creative Director

Before unleashing his creative fury on the world of media, Michael toured the country with his rock & roll band, "Jeffery Sez." Now, with slightly shorter hair and an unstoppable talent for producing idea after idea, Michael has become One Net's secret concepting weapon. If you've seen the hit show PORTLANDIA, you've already seen his work. His typography was used in the show, as well as downloaded over 3 million times on the inter-webs. He is the co-creator of Hipster Bait, an interactive music discovery project that won 10K and first place in the prestigious Emerging Media Conference. He is loud, always on, and habitually creating.




Erin thrives on the creative process of shaping meaningful and entertaining content. The challenge to find the right people and the funding to create this content invigorates her. She also loves the dorky, paperwork-loving side of production and seriously gets a buzz doing budgets and financing structures. She’s aware how strange that is. Prior to joining the One Net team, Erin was the Vice President at May Street Productions. Her roles included Producer, Writer, Director, Host and Business Affairs nerd for several socially-conscious TV documentary specials and series for Discovery, W Network, CBC, APTN and many more.




Dee prefers writing over talking – ask her friends and family who she bombards with text messages. Though her career launched at age 9 with the launch of a cul-de-sac radio program and monthly newspaper, she spent a noble 15 years toiling without accepting a single cent for her work. Dee loves the power that stories have to engage, inspire and facilitate action. She also likes to draw and has begun dabbling in the world of lettering, having recently assisted in the design of two fonts. She spends her evenings with her family, or writing deeply personal Medium posts that she’s too shy to publish.



Story Animator / Video Editor

Kristen is an expert animator and a master of AfterEffects, storyboarding, and motion design who works remotely from Halifax, NS. In addition to her technical skills, Kristen is a powerful storyteller, an ability that comes from quietly listening and observing the world around her. Kristen uses her attentiveness to synthesize the needs of our clients in tantalizing and imaginative ways. She pushes herself to excel at everything she tries – today it might be scuba diving or a half marathon; tomorrow it might be painting and improv. Maybe a full marathon. Who knows? One thing’s for sure, Tiki (her Bernese Mountain Dog puppy) can always count on a walk along the shores of the Atlantic after a long day’s work.




Charles has forgotten more code than your average hipster Ruby On Rails developer ever bothered to learn. An engineering marvel and seriously talented coder with 15 years of experience in Javascript, PHP, and SQL databases, Charles works hard and fast. Charles is also an expert in HTML5 and CSS programming and has extensive experience building custom sites and applications using open source technologies such as Zend, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla Magento and OSCommerce. He has also been known to have some serious acting chops and moonlights in the occasional video production.




As the lead designer for One Net Studios, Corbin brings imagination and thoughtfulness to every project. Coming from a strong background in graphics and web, Corbin has created captivating designs for many clients over his tenure with the One Net team. An avid skateboarder, gardener and home chef, Corbin is also our resident expert on the local foodie scene, always ready with a solid restaurant recommendation. When he’s not making neat things on his computer, he can be found behind the shutter snapping pics. He lives in a perfectly white house with nothing inside of it.



UX/UI Designer

Shen learned his UX skills on the hard corporate streets of Toronto. He got his start as a programer at IBM, created beautiful layouts for the Comedy Network's show Ugly Americans, and worked as a concept artist for the social gaming company GameHouse Canada. His star-sign is libra, which means he has an excellent sense of balance, a skill he puts to work when designing i nterfaces that look pretty and work. In his free time, he enjoys playing StarCraft 2 and coding in his bathrobe.



Sound Engineer

You may have seen David on the hit reality TV show, Cover Me Canada with his talented band. Or perhaps heard his music floating behind the voice of Ryan Reynolds in the documentary, "The Whale". Such is the daily glamorous life of our audio engineer. David composes and records all of the original music that we use in our video projects. He holds a Master's Degree in Music Technology from NYU and more accolades than we have room to list. David's talents continue as an inventor of art installations like a Bubble organ that It lights up, makes sounds and blows bubbles when the keys are pressed.



Impact Strategist

For more than a decade, Carol-Lynne has been skill-hunting and gathering. Her skills and experience span theatre production and performance, communications and media relations, event management, and presentation coaching. She has an everlasting commitment to the arts, film and culture industry and contributes to this sector in various local roles. In 2010, Carol-Lynne co-founded the first large-scale TEDx event in Victoria and led TEDxVictoria for more than four years. She is a gap-finder and filler, ready to produce solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow.




A marketing enthusiast who knows her way around a spreadsheet, Brianne has collected years of certifications and experience in digital marketing, including Google Analytics & AdWords. From an in-house marketing team to freelancing in web design and content strategy, Brianne brings a hefty mix of experience to the One Net team—particularly in the financial services realm, where she spent two years as a marketing manager working with advisors and investors. She has a BA from the University of Victoria (2013) and is now working on her MBA.